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sportsman playing curling on ice

ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels 2021-22

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ICA Irish Curling Bonspiels 2021-22

1Alison Fyfe11000
1Andrew Gilmore11000
1Eoin McCrossan11000
1James Russell11000
1John Wilson21100
1Neil Fyfe11000
7Bill Gray10100
7Brian Matthews10100
7David Whyte10100
7JJ Kenny10100
7Jen Ward10100

Note: Standings calculated automatically from results.


ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels 2021-22

Match Day Opening Bonspiel
(Opening Bonspiel)
1:00 pm
ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels

Neil Fyfe vs John Wilson

(Opening Bonspiel)
1:00 pm
ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels

Alison Fyfe vs Jen Ward

(Opening Bonspiel)
1:00 pm
ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels

JJ Kenny vs Andrew Gilmore

(Opening Bonspiel)
1:00 pm
ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels

James Russell vs David Whyte

Match Day Bonspiel 2
(Bonspiel 2)
12:56 pm
ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels

Brian Matthews vs Eoin McCrossan

(Bonspiel 2)
12:58 pm
ICA Irish Curling Association Bonspiels

John Wilson vs Bill Gray

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Recap Opening Bonspiel

After an enforced layoff due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Irish Curling Association got back on the ice at the beginning of October 2021 at Greenacres Curling Club in Renfrewshire, Scotland, with 8 teams of four competing in the afternoon after a morning of practice. Welcoming a new member Megan Priestly and Brian Mathews who came all the way from Dublin. Reference: [1].

Each team played one match each, with the team of Andrew Gilmore (Skip), Dave Hibberd, Isla Kinnear and Ari Furey taking the prize with a 12-3 victory over JJ Kenny, Reference: [1].

Recap Murrayfield Bonspiel

Four teams travelled to Murrayfield, Edinburgh, to take part in an ICA (Irish Curling Association) Sunday Bonspiel on 6th February 2022 at Murrayfield Ice Rink in Edinburgh, Scotland. Two matches were played with the aim of scoring asv many shots possible. Eoin McCrossan’s team took the first game 8-3 versus Brian Matthews, however the team of John Wilson (Skip), Maggie Wilson, Sue Scotland and Frances Donald took the Bonspiel with a 12-3 win versus Bill Gray. Reference: [2]

About Curling

Curling is like a game of Bowling on Ice. Two teams of four wearing sponges on their feet slide stones towards a target (House) at the other end. Players use Brooms to guide the stone towards the house. Each team has four stones, and the team with the nearest stones scores in an end, up to a maximum of four per end. In total eight ends are played in a match, with the team gaining the highest number of scores over the eight ends the winner. Teams are named after the Skip (Captain).

Curling Stock Photo

sportsman playing curling on ice
Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com


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Venue References

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